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Birds to Your Garden!

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Hi Fellow Gardeners

Achieve Garden Success with Native Plants

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Attract birds and butterflies and many other pollinators. They need gardens, as their habitat is threatened by development and use of chemicals in the landscape. Butterfly Oasis Nursery does not use chemical pesticides or herbicides.

If you grow mostly Native plants you’ll have a successful and beautiful garden full of life and motion. Whether starting a new garden or adding natives to an existing garden, you will be much rewarded!

What You Can Expect from Our Nursery


Small Nursery, Everything
is Organically Grown


NO Chemical Pesticides
or Herbicides


Great Selection of
Native Plants


New Gardeners

Planning Your Visit

Butterfly Oasis is a small nursery located in Strasburg Township in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, so we can give you personal service. Please email, call or text to make sure someone is here when you want to visit: or 717-371-5004. If you would like a list of what’s available when you visit the nursery, click below.

Our garden is an old one and contains both native and non-native plants. Perhaps if you visit, you will find some ideas that you can use in your own landscape. IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t apply pesticides or herbicides on your garden, or nearby lawn.

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To Arrange a Visit, Please Reach Out to Us for Availability