Shade - Not a problem. There are many interesting, beautiful, attractive shady native options. These are samples - Click on 2022 list at top to find more. 1

"Sun Drops" (Oenothera fruticosa) NO IT'S NOT ON THE WRONG PAGE!! As the name says, it's great in sun, but a well kept secret is it also will bloom and give you color in your shade garden! $10
Canada violet (Viola Canadensis). Lovely violet for ground cover or with other shade plants. Taller than most violets it grows 18", very graceful. Will fill in and give you seedlings. 6.00
"Wild Ginger" (Asarum canadense) Ground cover with lovely heart-shaped leaves gradually forms a mat, excluding weeds. Unusual flower is a plus. 6.00

"Goat's Beard" (Aruncus dioicus) No shade garden is complete without it. Grows to 3' gradually increasing. High shade to part shade is perfect. Graceful flowers are creamy white. $10
Heuchera 'Autumn Bride' for part-shade. Stunning large white flowers mid-summer into fall. Foliage is attractive light green. Not seen enough in native gardens. Try it in yours! $10
Golden Ragwort is not often found in nurseries but don't pass it up for the native garden. For a bright patch of gold in the shade. Quart pot $6

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