We're a Small Nursery
Everything organically grown!

BUTTERFLY OASIS is a small nursery. We can give you personal service. If you have a question you can email jnettke@gmail.com We are located in Strasburg Township in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at the owner's home property. Our garden is an old one and contains both native and non-native plants. Perhaps if you visit, you will find some ideas that you can use in your own landscape. We are not Amish but located in Amish country on a rural road. Address: 2428 Bachman Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. Phone 717-371-5004.

Plants for the Planet
As you know, Native Plants bring pollinators and birds to your garden. We use no pesticides. Birds raise their young on insects, so both you and the birds are safe with plants from Butterfly Oasis!

Great for your deck or patio - a large pot planted with natives. Several that work well are any of the Heucheras, Tiarella 'Autumn Bride', sedges, and many more.
A Native Container will be both attractive and unusual.)

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