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Most gardeners know by now, Monarch Butterflies are in danger of going extinct. Plants in the Milkweed family are the only food that their caterpillars eat.

"Butterfly Weed" Asclepias tuberosa (See also sunny natives page). Full sun, good drainage. On a slope like this picture is excellent. Bright orange flowers. Gallon pot $10
Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is anything but common! Don't be afraid of it for your garden because of the word "weed". The flower is beautiful and so fragrant it perfumes the whole garden. MONARCHS NEED THIS TO FEED THE CATERPILLARS! $10 for gallon pot.
"Swamp Milkweed" Asclepias incarnata. Prefers a moist location, but average garden soil is fine. Great near a pond or stream in the sun. Gallon pot S10.

Whorled Milkweed is not often seen in gardens. The leaves are willow-like, flowers are white, less showy than Common Milkweed. Blends nicely with other natives, and provides another source of food for your Monarch caterpillars.
Swamp Milkweed 'Ice Ballet' is a selection with white flower instead of the rose-pink. Same benefit for the butterflies and adds interest to your native garden. Moist location is good, but will be fine in average soil. Make your own website