Seems we always end up with plastic bags even though we don't accept them at the grocery store. In the past we saved them for customers to carry their plants. We will now give out ZERO plastic bags. We know our customers will try to recycle, but it doesn't always happen. We MUST reduce plastic from our lives!! action="" method="post">

Red Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis). For a new garden, this is perfect to help hummingbirds find you. Very hardy in sun or part shade. Never "takes over" but gives you some seedlings to increase your garden. Flowers from spring to early summer. About 18" tall.
"Boneset" (Eupatorium perfoliatum). Brings butterflies. Easy and beautiful sun plant. Perfect if you are starting a mini-meadow or for your border. Likes SUN in a moist spot but average soil is ok too. Blooms in summer till fall. The plant itself is attractive even before the flowers appear. About 2 - 2 1/2'tall.
Monarda 'Jacob Cline' for HUMMINGBIRDS! Whether this is your first garden or your fifty-first, include this bright red beauty! Sun or stands a bit of shade.

Aster 'Wood's Light Blue' for sun. A low growing aster, it never falls over. Sky blue. Grow in sun. You don't want all your perennials to bloom in spring and then be done - plant this for September when it will be full of Meadow Fritillary butterflies. SUN
"Sun Drops" (Oenothera fruticosa). A mainstay of the native garden. Medium height, reliable clear color. Loves the sun but blooms in shade too. Average conditions in the sun. Gradually increases but never invasive. Make your own website